Monday, 21 April 2014

Road t(r)ip | Paris

To get to know all great cities' streets and mores, it takes a lifetime. Even if you live in one, it is impossible to know all about your hometown, all shortcuts to get somewhere faster, all the best pizza places and coffee spots, simply because every city is life form and is changing daily. Paris is no exception, so I will not give you tips where to find best coffee or where to eat yummiest brioche. Beside, not everyone takes the same (amount of) coffee as I, neither does everybody share my taste in sweets.
So, what is this then? 
This is just a list of 6 "things" in Paris I found most fun/interesting/fulfilling to do or go to. So that title of this post can live up to its name, it will hold some tips, but this is more experience oriented list. Hope you will enjoy it!
b Espace Dalí at Montmartre is really cool museum that is usually under a radar. It's not very big, but will satisfied every Dalí enthusiast.
b If you are visiting Paris in the Summer, when the night falls, go to Basilique du Sacre Cœur, and except breathtaking view on the city, it is possible you'll see bunch of people singing at the stairs in front of a church and doing all kind of stunts. Caution: can cause endorphins rush, cause you'll fell like you entered one more Happy video.
b Foucault's pendulum at Pantheon is proof that Earth is rotating around its axis and a watch, but don't be surprised when its guardians give it a little push.
Foucault's pendulum Paris
Foucault's pendulum
 b Watch sunset in Jardin des Tuileries with a view on the Place de la Concordie, Champs Élysées and Arc de Triomphe. If it is clear, and you are in the right time at the right place you will see sun sinking through Arche de la Défense.
Jardin des Tuileries
Sunset in Jardin des Tuileries
b Best time to climb the Eiffel tower in the summer is from 7 to 8 pm because of the sunset and well... there you have the best view on the city.
Eiffel Tower
View from the Eiffel tower
b Every first Sunday in month there is free entrance to Musée du Louvre and d’Orsay so to avoid the inevitable crowd, instead of going out on Palais Royal Musée du Louvre stop, go one more (or less) metro station and exit at Louvre Rivoli which is actually entrance to Louvre from the other side.

b, Dora
P.S. Sorry for the non-clear pictures, they are taken with 2mp camera on the phone. =(

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